• Natural teething necklace

    The mum can wear this beautiful necklace while the baby can use it as a teether when hold in her arms or play with it when nursing.

    Chewing the wooden beads with the special crochet cover will help relieve pressure on their swollen gums.

    Wooden parts can be polished (beads and rings) with any edible natural oil: olive, sesame, coconut oil. Just a drop on the wood, rub it in with your fingers, and let it dry for an hour.

    Necklace made of  beech wood beads and organic cotton.

    Beads are 20 mm, 15 mm, 12mm and 10 mm, the crocheted cord is about 90 cm long.

    It can be worn long or short.

    Hand wash with mild soap.


    As this item is hand made we recommend you carefully inspect it before using it.

    All beads are well secured for the safety of your baby.
    Never leave your baby unattended with a necklace.

    Please make sure all the parts are well secured every time you wear it.